When the dissolved solids in the water are to be almost completely removed a demineraliser is used. A demineraliser essentially consists of a cation exchanger & anion exchanger. The cation exchanger contains strongly acidic cation exchanger resins in `H’ form. When filtered water is passed through this resin the cations like Ca, Mg, & Sodium are retained by the resin & equal number of hydrogen ions are given to the water. When resin is exhausted it is regenerated by hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid.
Anion exchanger is used after Cation exchanger. It contains Strong base anion resin in Hydroxyl form. In anion exchanger the anions like chlorides, sulphates, Bi-carbonates etc. are removed by the resin & exchange with hydroxyl ions. Anion is regenerated by sodium hydroxide once it gets exhausted.
Degasser unit is used to cut down load on Anion exchanger.
Partial demineralization is also possible.


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