Dissolved iron in the water precipitates as ferric hydroxide when the carbon dioxide from the raw water is released and water comes in contact with oxygen from the air.

Therefore to facilitate iron removal normally following steps are taken

1) Aeration

2) pH Correction

3) Contacting with catalyst like managanese dioxide

4) Filteration

Normally iron is found in bore swiss hublot well waters which also have substantial quantity of dissolved carbon dioxide and have typically low pH. When the water is aerated by spraying or through aeration towers (like degasser) the carbon dioxide from the replica rolex watches water is released. This increases the pH and also saturates the water with oxygen which is necessary for oxidising. the fake omega iron from the soluble ferrous from to insoluble ferric from.

The pH of the water is increased by dosing alkali like NaOH. Alkali helps in formation of ferrous hydroxide which precipitates out.

The water is contacted with a layer of manganese dioxide as it acts as catalyst in conversion of from ferrous to ferric from.


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