The inclined palte settler works on the principle of settling under laminar conditions. It consists of a series of flat and smooth plates inclined at an angle of 45-55 deg. over which the suspended solids settle and slide down thus clarifying the raw water. The enclosed sketch explains the principle of operation.

These clarifiers can operate at very high surface velocities viz. 12-15 m/h. The design of the lamella clarifier is bases on the projected affective setting area and not on the cross sectional area. Hence even if the cross sectional area is very low viz. 1/10th of the conventional circular clarifier. the clarifier has a substantial setting area. due to which the cost of the equipment is very low. The salient features of this equipment are as follows :

1) Low cost

2) No moving parts hence maintenance eliminated

3) Requires very less space (approx. 1/10th area of conventional clarifier).

4) On-line cleaning possible by lifting individual plate of FRP.

5) MS construction. Elimination of Civil work.

6) Modular design. Can be standardised.

General range : 8 M3/hr ---->** 600 M3/hr

(Multiples for higer capacities)


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