Reverse Osmosis System

The main treatment section consists of Reverse Osmosis system, which eliminates Dissolved Solids from the pretreated Water. The operation principle of RO plant is filtration (cross flow filtration) and works on reversal of osmosis – a natural process.

Thus by reversing the natural phenomenon, pure water is generated by applying pressure on concentrated side. The reverse osmosis membranes are spirally wounded and made up of thin film of polyamide. The filtration porosity of the RO membrane is 0.0001 micron, which can reject almost everything including microbial (like bacteria, virus, and pseudomonas), Organic carbon, heavy metal, silicates and dissolved slats.

The RO system is employed with High Pressure pump of SS 316 material of construction and provided with high and low pressure switch to safe guard the pump from dry running and safe guard the RO membrane from the excess pressure respectively. The RO membrane is housed in pressure tubes, which is cylindrical and has access to RO membrane from both of its ends. The Pressure tube, RO high pressure pump, RO internal piping and Control panel is assembled on a single skid to make RO system aesthetically appealing.

The RO system is also provide with instruments like Flow meters to check the flow rates in feed, reject and permeate line, Pressure gauges to check the pressure in various points and conductivity meter to check the permeate water quality.

The RO is designed in various ways like Single Pass RO, Double Pass RO or even three pass RO – depending upon the feed water quality available and permeate water quality required.


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