Most commonly used method for removal of hardness is use of softner. The softners contain strong acidic cation exchange resin in sodium form (Tulsion T-40). When hard water pass through the resin the calcium and magnesium ions are removed by the resin and equal number of sodium ions are imparted to the water. The resin has finit capacity for removal of calcium and magnesium ions and after this capacity is exhausted, the resin will have to be regenerated to bring it back in sodium form. The reactions are as under:

i) During service cycle :

R - Na + Ca+ = R Ca + Na+

R - Na + Mg++ = R Mg + Na+

ii) During regeneration :

R- Ca + NaCl = R Na + CaCl2

R - Mg + Nacl = R Na + MgCl2

The resin is regenerated by passing 10 to 15% of NaCl solution through the resin. After the bring has been injected, the excess salt and regeneration products are washed out of the resin bed by first giving a slow rinse at the flow rate equal to the brine injection flow rate and then by giving fast rinse at the flow rate equal to the service flowrate.


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