Ultra filtration

Ultra filtration is the advance technology for removal of microbial count. UV, i.e. Ultra Violet disinfection technology was being used for disinfects the bacteria. Major drawback of this method was, it is a ultra violet rays based technology and ultra violet rays are used to disinfect bacteria, which can not multiply, but the unviable bacteria are always present after disinfection, which tended to produce Endotoxin. More over the result of the Ultra Violet system is only, reduction of bacteria up to log 3 i.e. 99 % where as Ultra Filtration can result up to log 7 i.e. 99.9999 %.

Ultra Filtration technology is filtration technology, which filters the microorganism and do not disinfect by ultra violet ray. As this is filtration based technology, no Biodabris are present in product. Ultra filtration is easy to operate as it is purely filtration process. Easy to maintain and monitor the operation as compare to Ultra Violet system. Typical comparison between UV and UF is as follows.

UF System UV System Log reduction = 107 Log reduction = 103 Filtration process Disinfection process No Biodabris in product Biodabris in product Capital cost is High Capital cost is Low Easy to monitor and detect the fault Difficult to monitor and detect the fault. Can be operated at high bacterial load. Can not be operated at high bacterial load.

Log reduction chart:

Log 103 = 99 % reduction

Log 104 = 99.9 % reduction

Log 105 = 99.99 % reduction

Log 106 = 99.999 % reduction


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