Water Process Philosophy

Water treatment plant is designed to treat the swiss rolex water in various stages considering the different impurities shall

be swiss omega removed by different processes in hublot replica watches various stages. Generically there are following three stages of treatment

which has various processes to treat the particular impurity present in the water.


Pretreatment Section
1. Coagulation by Alum dosing
2. Settling by Tube type or Plate type settler
3. Chlorination by Sodium Hypochlorite
4. Coarse Filtration (Sand or Multimedia filter)
5. Dechlorination by ACF or by dosing Sodium meta bisulphate
6. Ultra Filtration System
7. Antiscalent dosing system
8. Micron Filtration system


Main Treatment Section
1. Demineralization Plant
2. Reverse Osmosis Plant


Post Treatment Section
1. Mixed bed Plant
2. Electro Deionization Plant
3. Ultra Violet Disinfection system
4. Micron Filtration Unit
5. Ultra Filtration System


鮤ustrial DM Plant
䷯ Stage & Multi Stage DM Plants
� Bed Demineraliser
㡴ion Polisher
�ual/Automatic Plants